Designer: Josef Hospodka
Date of design: 1969
Factory: Prachen, near Novy Bor
Period of manufacture: 1970s
Size: 8in (20cm) high
Price: £280

The simple forms designed by Hospodka for this range almost appear like mechanical components. They were then embellished with a variety of randomly applied shapes, including spots impressed with a grid-like pattern, prunts impressed with a circle (as here) or stylised leaves. All were a new departure for Hospodka, and are quite unlike the curving, bud- or flower-like designs he produced during the 1950s & 60s for the Chribskà glassworks.
The contrast between the angular, geometric form and the almost organic decoration is unusual, and is suggestive of outer space, futuristic technology, or alien life forms. Hospodka no doubt knew of the moon landing in the same year, and was perhaps inspired by this. Colour is an important aspect of the design – although they appear to be a complimentary green, the applied motifs are actually blue, and only appear green when combined with, and viewed through, the yellow body. This unusual range appears not to have been very successful, despite the practicality of the forms, and large examples are scarce today.

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