I hate ‘word clouds’

Because: * They look like something has gone terribly wrong with the website. * They do not demonstrate linear thought patterns. *They are confused and confusing. * They are a typical, pretentious Web 2.0 gimmick. * My eyes and head hurt when straining to read the smallest fonts. * Half the population don’t know what […]

Prehistoric Designs on Modern Ceramics & Glass

Having seen so many prehistoric, neolithic and paleolithic designs on modern ceramics and glass, I’ve often wondered how much these were inspired and driven by the discovery of some caves. In Summer 1940, four French teenagers out walking their dog in the Dordogne discovered a cave, the walls of which were covered with prehistoric cave […]

Antiques & Retro in Berlin

Last weekend was spent in Berlin, visiting friends, but also indulging in more than a little hunting around the flea markets and vintage shops of this trendy city. First stop was Deco Arts in Motzstrasse, in the Schoneberg district. I had passed this shop many a time, and each time it was closed. Thankfully, this […]

Frank Thrower & Dartington Glass on Sky TV

Filmed during the first ever retrospective celebration of the life and works of Frank Thrower in Summer 2006, the documentary film of Frank’s life, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”, will be shown on the the Sky 2 Arts channel on Sunday 9th August at 7pm. This fascinating documentary was filmed and produced by Nigel Edwards of […]

…and Wales made three

July has been a busy month for me. In addition to my usual jobs, this month I enjoyed three Antiques Roadshows in nearly as many weeks. I wrote about Melrose below, and that was followed up a few days later by an event at Bletchley Park, just outside Milton Keynes. If you think you recognise […]

West German Pottery at a charity auction

I’ve just got back from a charity auction held to benefit the Prince’s Trust at the Guildhall in London. Alas, I am empty handed. Eric Knowles, my friend and colleague on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, is taking part in another series of ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ for the BBC. Here, two well-known […]

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

The grateful guest of a law firm to see Madonna perform at the 02 arena in London on Saturday night, I came across this poignant tribute to the undisputed ‘King of Pop’. Scheduled to perform some 50 concerts at the arena during July and August, it’s possible that the mental and physical strain these caused […]

Antiques Roadshow in the Scottish Borders

And I bought a hat specially too! Having experienced the blazing Summer heat the UK is experiencing on past Roadshows, I thought I’d come prepared this time. You can imagine my annoyance when both the Met Office and BBC weather both predicted rain and thundery showers. Well I should have trusted my instincts – not […]