National Antiques Week 15th-21st November

National Antiques Week aims to promote antiques, vintage and collecting. Over the past year, a growing number of young people have seen the value and individuality of antiques, and the thrill of the hunt, and begun to buy antiques and vintage pieces for their homes. Furthermore, a report commissioned by the antiques trade from industry […]

A Cracking Time At Ardingly Antiques Fair

Although the weather was nowhere near as good when I went in June with my Cracking Antiques co-presenter Kathryn Rayward, I still had a cracking day out at Ardingly antiques and collectables fair in Sussex this Tuesday. This time around, I accompanied my sister and my new brother-in-law, as they were de-Ikea-ising their flat to […]

Canadian Chalet Glass Exhibition

Research into ‘new’ areas of collecting is always an immensely valuable activity for so many reasons. When I first went out to Canada six or so years ago, my eye was caught by a number of extravagant and elegant glass bowls and vases in a rainbow of vibrant colours. You can see an example here. […]

Qee, Munny & Cult Designer Toys

I’m a big believer in synchronicity – if you come across something three times, then it’s worth paying attention to. When our Art Director came over this morning to ask me if I had come across Munny dolls and a shop called Kid Robot, that was strike three. I first came across these cult toys […]

Arkonaplatz Fleamarket in Berlin

I sped out of the church, where I had been to a very charming and delightful, if a little long, christening and Sunday church service. Rushing right, right again, and then north up to Arkonaplatz in the heart of Berlin’s trendy Mitte district. I’ve been here before, and there are many larger better flea markets […]

No, it might not be pretty, but….

Okay, it’s not pretty, but I think it’s an important thing. It looks like a basic attempt at working with glass, even thought it’s way better than I’m sure I could manage. I’m always intrigued by chunky pieces like this, and make a point of picking them up when I see them, hoping they turn […]

Judith Miller’s New Costume Jewellery Book

I know it’s not the usual sort of thing I write about here, but I felt I must tell you about Judith Miller’s new book on Costume Jewellery. Judith’s first book on the subject, published in association with DK, rapidly became a landmark bestseller – and I can see this one doing exactly the same. […]