Sklo: Czech Glass Design from the 1950s-70s

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Sklo: Czech Glass Design from the 1950s-70s
224 pages, softback
240mm x 170mm, portrait
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ISBN: 978-0-9929689-2-2

The 1950s-70s saw a renaissance in Czech glass design that re-established the country’s global reputation in this area. From behind the Iron Curtain, skilled designers pushed the boundaries of 20th century glass design and produced unique art glass masterpieces that went on to inspire visually stunning, high quality production ranges. Exported and sold across the world as art glass for the home, these modern and vibrantly coloured designs became enormously successful. Despite this, the designers responsible were rarely named. Today, the designs they produced typically lie forgotten or misattributed.

This publication brings together and identifies many of these works, and includes hot-worked, pressed, cut, engraved, gilded and enamelled designs. An illustrated introduction also gives an overview of the fascinating story behind the creation of these avant garde works, and designer biographies explain more about the people behind them. With over 500 specially commissioned, full colour images including labels and signatures, this book will be invaluable to glass collectors and 20th century design enthusiasts.

This book is a greatly revised and expanded version of Hi Sklo Lo Sklo, my ground-breaking first book on the subject, which was published in 2008 and has now sold out.

Comments and reviews about these books include:

Thanks to your books, I learned so much about mid century design, and Czech glass in particular. I can say with no doubt, that buying your books is the best investment I made for building a diverse collection of affordable, quality Czech glass, which gives me lots of pleasure and satisfaction.
Assaf, UK

Experts will applaud this as a further step in devolution, allowing collectors to identify a mass of previously unidentified art work. For ordinary collectors, the book will provide a valuable start to their exploration behind the glass curtain. Click here to read more…
Stephanie Newham, Glass Messageboard

Great exhibition and great book, but I knew that was going to be the case.
Jeanette Hayhurst, Jeanette Hayhurst Fine Glass, England

This is a great introduction to this vast subject with readily accessible information in a well laid out format that points the reader in the right direction…a very welcome addition to collectors’ and dealers’ libraries which dovetails well with other recently published books, especially since it indicates accessible collecting areas within Czech glass.
Nigel Benson, 20th century glass dealer, London, England

I must say that of all the glass books I have (and there are loads now), yours are the ones I use and study the most. What’s the next one on?
Natalia, Cambridgeshire, England

PHENOMENAL book, A must have for even the casual collector. BRILLIANT!
Brendan, Ulmarra Collectable Glass, South Australia

I received the book today, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Not only is the quality superb, but I have already identified one piece in my collection, and helped two other people ID pieces in their collections. I can tell I will be referring to this book over and over again. Keep them coming – excellent work!
Warren, Ohio, USA

What can I say? Another great book. Keep up the good work!
Allan, The Netherlands

Your super book arrived this morning. I am delighted with it, it’s exactly as I wished it to be.
Carol, Texas, USA

It’s fab that you keep writing books about things that I end up buying. The book is wicked!
Chris, Oxfordshire, England

I’m delighted with the information in the book, its already solved one mystery for me. The photos are a delight, I expect you got a lot of pleasure putting the book together and I envy you being able to see and handle some of those pieces. I love art glass from this period and this is a previously relatively unknown area.
Karin, England

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