1970s Moser Large Trailed Globe Vase

Designer: Jirí Suhajek
Date of design: 1973
Factory: Moser, Karlovy Vary
Period of manufacture: Late 1970s
Size: 6.5in (16.5cm) high
Price: £250

Jirí Suhajek is one of the Czech republic’s most important and progressive living glass designers. Gaining experience at the genesis of the studio glass movement in Britain under Sam Herman, he is also one of the few Czech glass artists who crosses design and making. Combined with the high quality of glass produced at Moser, Suhajek was able to create a number of important designs, including this vase. All were a new departure for Moser, in terms of their style and the way the designer worked closely with the glassmakers throughout the production process, and often with individual pieces.
Random straps or trails applied in an almost painterly manner are a recurring motif in Suhajek’s work at this time. They serve to give an optical effect when combined with the body, and to drive home the unique ‘studio glass’ nature of this serially produced piece. The trailed ‘V’ shape is also repeated in Suhajek’s work of the period. Profiled in the State’s trade periodical Czechoslovak Glass Review in February 1974, this design was also produced in yellow and blue, and orange and yellow, and as a tall-sided bowl, and a vase with a globe base and wide cylindrical neck. This example is in excellent, original condition, and is the scarcer large size of this design.

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