The Canny Collector

The Canny Collector By Mark Hill

112 pages, with 25 specially commissioned pen and ink illustrations Hardback, with dust jacket 192mm x 117mm portrait Printed on high quality eco-friendly Munken paper Published: 15th October 2013 Price: £18 plus P&P ISBN: 978-0-9552865-8-2

The Canny Collector is the perfect read for every collector, and covers a vast range of topics from what really drives the market today to how to spot the ‘next big thing’, to how to display your collection. You’re sure to find plenty that’s fascinating and helpful, as well as learning something new, regardless of what you love to collect or whether you are, or someone you know is, a new or an experienced collector. Crammed with practical and useful help and advice, it’s divided up into thoughtful yet easy to read chunks, a little like today’s social media. You’ll find plenty of opinions, hints and tricks of the trade drawn from my personal experience that can’t be found elsewhere. Chapters including ‘Buying’, ‘Selling’ and ‘Fakes, Copies & Reproductions’ are joined by charming illustrations by artist Simon …

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Alla Moda

Alla Moda: Italian Ceramics of the 1950s-70s

by Mark Hill 224pp, softback 170mm x 240mm, portrait Published: 14th July 2012 Price: £25 + P&P ISBN: 978-0-9552865-7-5

Stylish and colourful, Italian ceramics of the 1950s-70s reflect the vibrant fashions, latest developments in ceramic design, and modern art of the period. Although made in large quantities and exported around the world, little is known about the companies and designers who behind them. From Bitossi to Bertoncello, and from Fantoni to Fornasetti to the many potteries on San Marino, this book breaks open a treasure chest of mid-century modern ceramic design – including the rediscovery of a ‘forgotten’ factory.

Illustrated with over 380 stunning, specially commissioned, full colour photographs, this is the first publication to identify and bring together many of the leading factories and designers, and examine the diverse influences behind these highly varied and innovative ceramics. A specially written, illustrated introduction puts them in context, and an extensive illustrated directory of marks and labels helps you identify your ceramics.

Contents include:

• Over 380 stunning, specially commissioned full colour …

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Beránek & Skrdlovice: Legends of Czech Glass By Robert Bevan Jones & Jindrich Parík General Editor: Mark Hill

‘Coffee table’ style hardback Limited to 1,000 numbered copies 284mm x 225mm portrait 128 pages Price: £45 plus postage & packing All copies sent via ‘signed for’ delivery ISBN: 978-0-9552865-9-9

For over six decades, fine handmade glass produced in the Czechoslovakian village of Skrdlovice (pronounced skerd-luv-itz’ah) was admired and exported across the world. Many of the country’s best glass designers produced influential and stunning designs for the factory, some of which were shown at major international exhibitions. Due to the Communist ‘Iron Curtain’, the background behind this glass and the identities of the people responsible for producing it have been hidden until now. This publication is the first to reveal the fascinating story behind the glass, detailing for the first time the designers, chronology and production processes that went into making it. Typically mis-attributed to factories on Murano and Scandinavia, many of the designs will be highly familiar to 20thC design and glass collectors.

The book is divided …

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We’re sorry, but this book has completely sold out, and is now out of print.

Due to the closure of Isle of Wight Studio Glass in January 2013 and the re-opening of the company in new premises in April 2014, we have put plans to revise, enlarge and reprint the book on hold.

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To find out more about the new Isle of Wight Studio Glass, please visit their website by clicking here.

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Frank Thrower & Dartington Glass by Eve Thrower & Mark Hill 112 pages, softback 243mm x 140mm portrait Published 2nd June 2007 — AVAILABLE NOW! Price: £15 ISBN-13: 978-0-9552865-2-0

Frank Thrower was one of the most prolific and internationally successful glass designers of the 20th century. A self-taught and self-made man, he rapidly progressed from being a salesman to a renowned sales director and designer. From the inception of Dartington Glass in 1967, he provided the creative and marketing drive that contributed to the company’s considerable success. As the sole designer for almost twenty years, he produced over 700 innovative and popular designs, and received several prestigious awards. Personally, Frank enjoyed an enviable lifestyle. Charming and debonair, he earnt the respect of all who met him.

With over 100 specially commissioned, full colour photographs including marks and labels, original family photographs, reproductions of company catalogues, and a specially written biography, this is the essential guide to Frank’s life and designs, and the company’s history.

Contents include: • Over 115 specially commissioned, full colour images by Graham Rae. • Over 80 black …

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Miller’s Collectables Handbook 2014-15 by Judith Miller & Mark Hill 432 pages, softback 234mm x 192mm, portrait Published: March 2014 – AVAILABLE NOW! ISBN: 978-1-84533-730-8


Published biannually by the internationally known Miller’s Publications, ‘Miller’s Collectables Handbook & Price Guide’ is the best full colour, fully illustrated collectables price guide in the world. Let renowned antiques and collectables expert authors Mark Hill and Judith Miller guide you through the world of collectables today, helping you to learn more with handy ‘Collectors’ Notes’, practical ‘Expert Eye’ features and enlightening footnotes.

This year, there’s more information than ever to help you buy, sell, and collect wisely. Over 5,000 collectables are valued and shown in full-colour, with subjects including Doulton, Chinese ceramics, Murano glass, sporting memorabilia, diecast toys, studio pottery, paperweights, royal memorabilia, vintage fashion, costume jewellery, and much, much more.

It’s the book no collector or dealer can be without!

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(Pages shown above are sample pages and indicative only)

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Caithness Glass

Caithness Glass: Loch, Heather & Peat 128pp, softback 170mm x 240mm, portrait Published April 2011 — Available NOW! Price £20 + P&P ISBN: 978-0-9552865-5-1

Since it was founded in 1961, Caithness Glass has become renowned across the world. For fifty years, it has fulfilled the founders’ original aims of providing employment in rural Scotland, and producing high quality glassware in a Modern and contemporary style. Until now very little has been known about the decorative and tableware designs that built and maintained the company’s reputation.

Illustrated with over 200 specially commissioned full colour photographs, this is the first publication to bring together and examine the Scandinavian inspired designs of the 1960s & 70s, engraved and sandblasted ranges, and the highly appealing, often complex, designs produced from the 1980s onwards. A specially written introduction covers the history of the company, puts designs in context, and also looks at the life and work of co-founder and first designer Domhnall ÓBroin. This publication puts the work of ÓBroin and later designers rightfully amongst that of the other innovative giants of 20thC …

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Hi Sklo Lo Sklo

We are sorry, but this book has now sold out.

We are planning to revise and reprint a second edition in Winter 2014.

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Fat Lava

Fat Lava: West German Ceramics of the 1960s & 70s Revised & Expanded Third Edition 160 pages, softback 210mm x 165mm portrait Published: January 23rd 2012 Price: £18 + P&P ISBN: 978-0-9552865-6-8

After firmly establishing themselves at the forefront of international ceramics design during the 1950s, modern West German ceramics underwent a second explosion in design during the 1960s and 70s, pushing boundaries of form, glaze and colour to their limits. With over 180 specially commissioned, full colour images by Graham Rae including marks and labels and a specially written introduction, this is the first publication to address this previously ignored second revolution and covers leading makers including Scheurich, Ruscha, Jasba, Dümler & Breiden and Bay.

Contents include:

• Over 180 specially commissioned, full colour images by Graham Rae.

• A specially written, updated introduction setting these ceramics in a historical, social and economic context.

• 12 chapters, each focusing on the products of one maker, including Scheurich, Ruscha, Roth Keramik, Carstens and Bay Keramik.

• Each chapter opens with an introductory page covering key dates, designers and pointers to …

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Cracking Antiques

Cracking Antiques by Mark Hill & Kathryn Rayward 258mm x 194mm, portrait 224 pages, 600 colour images, hardback Published: Mitchell Beazley, March 2010 ISBN-13: 978-1-8453355-6-4

Produced in conjunction with BBC2’s exciting series, ‘Cracking Antiques’ shows you how vintage and antique furniture and accessories can help you to create a stylish, individual home without setting foot inside a superstore. Take antiques off their pedestal and forget their elitist image. You don’t need to live in an old house to enjoy antiques and vintage and, if you choose wisely, you don’t need a huge bank balance either!

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow text explains what to look for when buying antiques and secondhand treasures, and how to renovate them using anything from a little TLC to a complete makeover.

Special features and ‘tips of the trade’ give expert interior design ideas and show why antiques that might be out of fashion today may make great investments for the future. To round off this invaluable guide, a resources section tells you all you need to know about buying at antiques …

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