Nemo & Czech Gilded Glass – Buyers Beware!

A quick, but important, one here. On my trip to Novy Bor, I was taken to the Crystalex factory shop. A selection of  ‘interesting’ decorative pieces and tableware was available, but the things that caught my eye were those in the photos below. The collectors amongst you will recognise the glass in the first photo […]

Meeting Czech Glass Designer Karel Wunsch

It’s not often that you get to meet the people behind the designs you collect, even though there’s more of a chance with postwar pieces. While I was in Novy Bor, I was lucky to meet Karel Wünsch, one of the best and most innovative postwar Czech glass designers who is globally renowned for his […]

An Antique Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

If you’re wondering what I’m looking so fondly at, you’ll need to buy a copy of this month’s BBC Homes & Antiques to find out. And I can guarantee that it’s not a question mark! The feature I’m in could be titled ‘An antique is for life, not just for Christmas’, as it reveals the […]

Frantisek Vizner – A Major Exhibition

My main reason for visiting the Czech Republic last week was to attend the opening of a major retrospective exhibition of the work of eminent Czech glass designer and maker Frantisek Vizner. I was kindly invited as the guest of the Ajeto Glassworks, whose smart and spacious museum in Novy Bor was the location of […]