Are you a collector of pop culture, memorabilia and collectibles in the US?

Is your collection enormous?

Is your collection incredible?

Do you want to be on TV?

If so, the makers of BBC2’s primetime TV series ‘Collectaholics‘ want to talk to YOU about an exciting new American TV series!

Comics, Rock & Pop Memorabilia, Americana, Disneyana, Toys from Tinplate to Star Wars and Transformers, Christmas,  Halloween and Coney Island Memorabilia, Funky Specs, Fashion, Fifties & Sixties stuff and Costume Jewelry are just some of the things we’re interested in…why not surprise us?!

To find out more email or contact them via Twitter on @rdfcollectibles.

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Having missed the opportunity last year, I was delighted to be able to attend the annual Hornsea Pottery collectors’ event last week, held as part of the Hornsea Freeport‘s ‘Nostalgia’ weekend. Organised by the Hornsea Pottery Collectors & Research Society, the busy event sees exchange of information and new learnings, as well as allowing members to buy and sell, and build their collections. My weekend started with a visit to the Hornsea Museum, in the charming seaside town of Hornsea itself. I was driven there by Pauline Coyle, author of the official biography of John Clappison, Hornsea’s lead designer (see below). This museum, contained in two pretty converted cottages, must be one of the best maintained and best organised small museums I’ve ever been to – and it’s all run by volunteers. The passion the curator Carol Harker and her team exude just shines through! Over 2,000 examples of Hornsea pottery made from 1949-2012 are organised by decade and type, with each smart cabinet containing carefully curated and beautifully displayed ranges of pottery. You …

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Who could resist? You’d just have to stop the car and go through the entrance to see what the Mystery Spot is all about. Well, I would anyway! A ‘Mystery Spot’ is the name given to a number of areas of ground in the US which claim to have amazing gravity-defying or ‘mystical’ properties. The owners have usually built small houses or huts on top and, upon entering them, people appear to be able to walk up walls effortlessly, and balls roll and water flows upwards. It is claimed that this is the result of some form of alien technology or science-defying phenomenon from ‘dielectric biocosmic radiation‘ to a ‘magma vortex‘ to landing technology for alien spacecraft, or even a buried alien spacecraft itself! Of course, none of these are true and the amazing effects are caused by tilting the building and tricking our senses of spatial awareness, perspective and direction in the walk-up to the building. By the time you enter, your angle has been shifted although you still believe everything is as it is everywhere else …

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