I love ephemera! By that term, I mean things that were produced for a single use, or for short term enjoyment, before being discarded or thrown away. They are literally ‘ephemeral’, which is where the term is obviously derived from. Good examples are tickets, flyers and similar promotional material, or even things like ‘sample cups’ produced by brands such as Coca Cola so you can taste their world-famous drink. Ephemera is typically made from paper or card, and is usually printed. It also often has a strong social history element. Even if I can’t find anything of interest to buy for stock or my collection in an antiques shop, centre or antiquarian bookshop, I nearly always find something interesting to buy in a basket or box full of photos and such papery things. A good example is this ticket, which I found on a recent visit to Henley-on-Thames, where I stumbled across the truly excellent Richard Way Books. Although there were plenty of books I could have bought, my budget was tight and I decided on some ephemera …

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Mark Hill Publishing Ltd is delighted to announce the publication of an exciting new bookalogue on Caithness Glass. Published to accompany a major travelling exhibition of glass from the Graham Cooley Collection, the book also commemorates the the 50th anniversary of the founding of Caithness Glass in 2011.

Wildly successful in its day, and found in hundreds of thousands of homes across the world, Caithness Glass produced from the 1960s-90s is a hot and rapidly developing collecting area. Until now, the company has been best known by collectors for its paperweights, while the designs that built and maintained the company’s reputation have been largely misunderstood and ignored.

This is now changing, and 20thC design and glass collectors are reappraising the high quality Modernist, and often complex, designs for vases, bowls and decanters by the innovative and progressive designers the company employed. Sure to become renowned, these include new and familiar names such as Domhnall ÓBroin, Charles Orr, Colin Terris, Helen MacDonald, Alastair MacIntosh, and Gordon Hendry.

The past decade has seen an explosion of interest in – and …

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Best-selling Books!

Mark Hill Publishing Ltd is delighted to announce that ground-breaking books Hi Sklo Lo Sklo and Fat Lava are the company’s two top-selling books in the series of four published to date. A fifth title, on a new area, is currently being researched and written, and will be published in early 2011.

Hi Sklo Lo Sklo is the only book that covers mass-produced Czechoslovakian glass from the period of innovation that flourished after World War II, and was produced in association with the exhibition of the Graham Cooley collection in 2008. This market is tipped by many to be a great bet for the future – go armed with knowledge when you go out and buy!

Fat Lava, now in its second edition, covers West German ceramic design from the 1960s & 70s – a hot and rapidly developing collectors market. As well as a specially written introduction, the histories of the major manufacturers are covered in separate chapters, with information about designers, designs, and more.

Lavishly illustrated with specially commissioned photographs, both are invaluable reference sources and are available …

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