The Canny Collector is the perfect read for every collector, and covers a vast range of topics from what really drives the market today to how to spot the ‘next big thing’, to how to display your collection.
You’re sure to find plenty that’s fascinating and helpful, as well as learning something new, regardless of what you love to collect or whether you are, or someone you know is, a new or an experienced collector.
Crammed with practical and useful help and advice, it’s divided up into thoughtful yet easy to read chunks, a little like today’s social media. You’ll find plenty of opinions, hints and tricks of the trade drawn from my personal experience that can’t be found elsewhere.
Chapters including ‘Buying’, ‘Selling’ and ‘Fakes, Copies & Reproductions’ are joined by charming illustrations by artist Simon Watson, quotes about collecting from the rich
and famous, and special features on key topics such as nostalgia, identification, specialist terms, and historic and celebrity collectors.

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The Canny Collector is a special individually numbered
hardback limited edition of only 1,500 copies.

Makes an ideal gift for the collector in your life!

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