Crafty Stuff

For those of your who are familiar with the excellent Crafts magazine, published by the UK’s national Crafts Council, check out this month’s issue. The eminent curator and 20thC design author and expert Lesley Jackson has written an eight page, fully illustrated preview of the forthcoming ‘Hi Sklo Lo Sklo’ Czech glass exhibition. Offering a […]

Mdina in Hollywood hit TV series

Over the past few days I’ve become a fervent fan of US hit TV series ‘Dexter‘. It’s getting so bad that I watched four back-to-back episodes into the early hours last night, although I’m told my addiction will get far worse as the series develops! Bring it on, I say. When the serial killer with […]

Chasing sheep is best left to the shepherds

No, I haven’t lost my mind, it’s the title of what is perhaps my favourite piece of music by avant garde contemporary classical composer Michael Nyman. I’ve been listening to Nyman’s music since I was 16, when my school friend Simon and I first encountered his work. Thinking back, we must have been odd kids, […]