A 1960s Large & Very Rare Skrdlovice Cased Vase

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Factory: Skrdlovice
Designers: Maria Stahlikova & Milena Veliskova
Date of design: 1960
Produced Early 1960s

Supremely elegant and with an unusual, yet highly decorative combination of colours, this design was comparatively complex to make. A deep wine red gather of glass was elongated and cased in pale, icy blue Azur glass. The form was then worked into shape and a bright, opaque yellow trail was spiralled around the body before the piece was reversed on the pontil rod to allow the triform rim to be pulled and finished. These numerous production steps meant, combined with the large sizes, meant that the vase was expensive to make and thus sell. As a result it was only in production for a few years, with comparatively few examples being sold, which makes it very rare today.

The organic, bud-like form and triform, pulled rim are typical features of glass designs produced during the 1950s, particularly in Scandinavia. The vibrant colours are reminiscent of glass produced on Murano at the time. During the 1950s the successful and highly prolific design duo of Stahlikova and Veliskova produced a great many designs that were influenced by both sources, but executed in a distinctly different, Czech manner. This eye-catching, imposing piece is typical. Light works particularly well with this piece – as it changes through the day, crossing through or reflecting off the piece, the colours take on a variety of different tones.

15.75in (39.5cm) high.

A comparable, slightly smaller example is shown in Beranek & Skrdlovice: Legends of Czech Glass, by Robert Bevan Jones & Jindrich Parik, published by Mark Hill Publishing Ltd, 2014, p.123.

About The Designers
Argentinian born Milena Veliskova (1917-?) studied plastic art education at the School of Architecture from 1936-39, completing her studies there after the war from 1945-46. After also studying at the Secondary School of Applied Graphic Art from 1941-43, she was a designer at CMS Krasno from 1942-45. She taught at the Charles University from 1945-46 and produced designs for Skrdlovice from 1945-60, working as Director of Design from 1951 onwards. She collaborated with the Kvetna glassworks from 1957-65 and produced designs for Harrach in association with Maria Stahlikova from 1960-61. After 1961, she designed chandeliers for N.C. Lustry before becoming a successful textile and furnishing designer.

Maria Stahlikova (1922-?) studied at the Secondary Schol of Applied Graphic Arts in Prague from 1941-43. From 1949-53, she studied under the notable Professor Kaplicky at teh Academy of Applied Art, and jined the art glass division of the national glass coporation at Novy Bor. She produced designs for Skrdlovice from 1954-63, often working with Milena Veliskova, with whom she also produced designs for Harrach from 1960-63. From 1961 onwards she worked for the Artistic Centre in Prague and designed chandeliers at N.C. Lustry.