A Rare Dartington Glass ‘Kingfisher’ Candlestick

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Tall, balanced and elegant, this candlestick is attributed to Dartington Glass due to the ‘Kingfisher’ blue of the applied bowl and foot. The ex-Sales Director of Dartington agrees with this attribution. Wide, sometimes stepped rims are often seen in designs produced by Dartington, and the form of the bowl recalls the D71 candlestick from 1968. Unusually for the time, the D71 was not designed by Frank Thrower, but was instead designed by Swede Hans-Eric Anderson who worked in the finishing room. It is also similar to the less extravagant ‘Arthur’ or ‘Diana’ candesticks produced in ‘Midnight’ grey glass after the sale to Wedgwood.

This form is not shown in either Dartington Glass: The First Twenty Years by Linda and Stuart Smithson (Self-published, 2007) or Frank Thrower & Dartington Glass by Mark Hill and Eve Thrower (Mark Hill Publishing, 2007). It is possible that this was a trial piece dating to around the time of the development of the D71 (1968-69), even though it is extremely well-finished, and it may be unique.

9.25in (23.5cm) high.