General Antiques & Collectables Links
Miller’s Antiques & Collectables
BBC Antiques Roadshow – click here
Homes & Antiques magazine
Antiques News & Fairs –
Antiques Trade Gazette
Antiques Are Green
Antiques Roadshow Cruises & Events

Specialist Glass Links
Isle of Wight Studio Glass
Artius Glass
Cambridge Glass Fair
National Glass Fair
Circa Glass
Glass Association
Pip’s Trip
Modernist Glass (AUS & NZ)
World Art Glass

West German & Other Ceramics Websites
Outernational (Germany)
Pottery & Glass Forum (free to join)
GinForsOdditiques (USA)
Fat-Lava (Netherlands)
Fat Lava (Germany)
AnSeta Pottery (France)
Capriolus – Dutch Ceramics
Pip’s Trip (UK)
M.P. Thomas’ ceramic book
Dr Horst Makus’ ceramic book
Pastmodern (Netherlands)

Specialist Collecting & Dealing Insurance
Collect & Protect

Other Links

Graham Rae Photography
TJ Graphics
King’s Lynn Arts Centre
Scissor Sisters (just