An exhibition of over 300 Italian ceramics from the 1950s-70s from the Graham Cooley exhibition was open to the public at the King’s Lynn Arts Centre, Norfolk, from 14th July until 18th August 2012. This landmark exhibition was the first time that these ceramics have been exhibited publicly together, and also revealed the identity of a ‘forgotten’ factory who produced a large quantity of the ceramics found on the market today. Please see below for photographs of the exhibition.

The exhibition was accompanied by a specially written book by Mark Hill, which is available to buy now.

Alla Moda 16.5mm cover.indd
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Three FREE A4 posters were produced for the exhibition, which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

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Left: Dr Graham Cooley, owner of the 1950s-70s Italian ceramics collection in the exhibition
Right: Mark Hill, author and publisher of the accompanying book, Alla Moda: Italian Ceramics of the 1950s-70s


Part of the group who attended the opening reception on 14th July, with tours of the exhibition by Graham Cooley and Mark Hill.


The central plinths and back wall of the exhibition, with displays of ceramics by Bitossi and Fratelli Fanciullacci.


Displays of ceramics designed by Also Londi for Bitossi covered the front and left hand walls, and the central row of hexagonal plinths.


The vast and varied Rimini Blu range,  designed by Aldo Londi in 1959 and produced by Bitossi since then, was probably the best known range on display at the exhibition.


Ceramics on the central plinths including a small number of lesser known ranges designed by Aldo Londi and produced by Bitossi.


Two rows of ceramics produced by Fratelli Fanciullacci, and distributed across the world from the 1950s-80s.


Ranges of ceramics with textured surfaces and glossy glazes produced from the 1960s-70s by Fratelli Fanciullacci.


The central row of plinths and back wall with displays of ceramics by Bitossi and Fratelli Fanciullacci.

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