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Articles & Features

I have written numerous illustrated articles about art, antiques, vintage and collecting over the years for many different publications. Some of them are here, and are free to read. I will add to this list over time, so please check back. The ‘Blog Archive’ links below will take you to all the blogs I have posted about that subject.

Mark Hill Lecturing at Lalique during London Craft Week 2016


I am a skilled, enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker and regularly give talks, seminars and study days on areas I have written about and other areas within 20thC design, antiques, collecting, and the decorative arts. My talks are packed with facts, opinion, context and take-home information. I am an accredited lecturer for The Arts Society and I have also spoken at locations ranging from village halls and local bookshops to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Click here to learn more.

Bespoke Tours With Mark

I offer informative, relaxed, and fun tours of antique shops, centres, and fairs. These are entirely bespoke – tell me what you love and we’ll work something out for you. I’ve also partnered with Truly Experiences to offer ready-made packages, which also make ideal gifts for the antiques lover in your life. Click here to learn more.

Book Price Guide & Update Sheets

Some of my books have inserted price guides and update sheets, containing new information I have found since the book was published. You can find and download the latest versions of these by clicking here.

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