Berànek & Skrdlovice: Legends of Czech Glass


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Beránek & Skrdlovice: Legends of Czech Glass
By Robert Bevan Jones & Jindrich Parík
General Editor: Mark Hill

‘Coffee table’ style hardback
Limited to only 1,000 numbered copies
284mm x 225mm portrait – 128 pages
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ISBN: 978-0-9552865-9-9

For over six decades, fine handmade glass produced in the Czechoslovakian village of Skrdlovice (pronounced skerd-luv-itz’ah) was admired and exported across the world. Many of the country’s best glass designers produced influential and stunning designs for the factory, some of which were shown at major international exhibitions. Due to the Communist ‘Iron Curtain’, the background behind this glass and the identities of the people responsible for producing it have been hidden until now. This publication is the first to reveal the fascinating story behind the glass, detailing for the first time the designers, chronology and production processes that went into making it. Typically mis-attributed to factories on Murano and Scandinavia, many of the designs will be highly familiar to 20thC design and glass collectors.

The book is divided into chapters, each covering roughly one decade of production from when the factory was founded in 1942 until it closed in 2008. Each chapter finishes with profiles of key designers working during that period, including biographical details and information about their styles and careers. Many now have international reputations and their work can be found in important private and public collections. Unique ‘Hallmark Design’ features showcase a key design for each designer and give more information on that piece.

Contents Include:
• Over 150 specially commissioned, full colour photographs, including reproductions of drawings from the factory’s pattern book and hitherto unseen images of the factory and its designers.
• A full contextual history of the factory, with entirely new information on hundreds of designs and designers from 1941-2008.
• Unique ‘Designer Profiles’, giving biographical information about key designers, along with information about their careers, styles and an iconic ‘Hallmark Design’.
• Designers covered include Emanuel and Jan Beránek, Milena Velísková, Marie Stáhlíková, Vladimír Jelínek, Frantisek Vízner, Karel Wünsch and Pavel Hlava.
• The book closes with a practical and useful full colour illustrated appendix covering factory labels, export labels, signatures, bases, sizes, colours, production quantities, useful websites and a complete list of designers by year.

About the Authors
Robert Bevan Jones and Jindrich Parík are glass collectors and historians specialising in Czechoslovakian glass design. This book is the result of over five years of research working with period publications, comprehensive private collections and contact with many of the designers who worked at the factory.

Produced entirely in Great Britain.

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Reader Reviews

I absolutely love it!  Thank you and Jindřich for telling the audiences around the world the fascinating story of the Czechoslovakian glass and, in particular, the very detailed survey of the Škrdlovice glassworks. Thank you also for the wonderful chapter about my father. He would have appreciated all your hard work and thorough research into the topic.
Ida Víznerova, daughter of Frantisek Vízner, one of the greatest Czech glass designers –

Very pleasing layout, well-written, beautiful photos. You…have done a great job. Because of the book, I’ve been taking a closer look at the pieces in my collection, viewing them more critically, but with new appreciation and understanding.  I’m re-discovering the glass on my shelves! It really is a wonderful book and well worth the wait and the money.
Anik, Czech Republic

Great book and a delight from cover to cover!
Kobus, South Africa

Your book enabled me to spot a real bargain by Jaroslav Svoboda at a glass fair – within ten minutes of walking in! Your book had paid for itself before the ink of your signature had dried on the title page!
Alan Ferguson, UK


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