A wedding in the prairies…

The highlight of, and reason for, the visit to Western Canada was to attend the wedding of Darla and Wayne. Held in a small town in western Saskatchewan, some 5 hours drive northwest from Calgary, two grand prairie families were brought together with over 400 guests helping them celebrate. The bride was supremely elegant in cream silk and vintage mink, the groom beamed proudly, and the party rocked!
A special thank you to Darla, Wayne, Jerry and Doreen for putting me up, and putting up with me. Thanks also to Treena, Lynn, Doug, Clara, Vera, Betty, Louis, Darren, Jerry-Lee, Curtis, Trina, Tanya, Igor, Tony, Alvin, Eunice, Chad, Jenny, Shirley & Ed – it really was great to meet you! Another particularly memorable delight was hearing the beautiful voice of up-and-coming Canadian contemporary folk singer Alexia Melnychuk, who sang at the wedding. Click on her name to visit her website to hear for yourself – I predict big things…and you heard her here first!
It may have been a small town, but it has a big heart. And just like their skies, their minds are bright and wide open.

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