Stylish and colourful, Italian ceramics of the 1950s-70s reflect the vibrant fashion, latest developments in ceramic design and modern art of the period. Although made in large quantities and exported around the world, little is known about the companies and designers behind them. From Bitossi to Bertoncello, and from Fantoni to Fornasetti, the information below and the accompanying book break open a treasure chest of mid-century modern ceramic design – including the rediscovery of ‘forgotten’ factory.

Alla Moda Exhibition

An exhibition of over 300 Italian ceramics from the 1950s-70s from the Graham Cooley collection was open to the public at the King’s Lynn Arts Centre, Norfolk, in Summer 2012. This landmark exhibition was the first time that these ceramics have been exhibited publicly together, and also revealed the identity of a ‘forgotten’ factory who produced a large quantity of the ceramics found on the market today. Click here to learn more and see photographs from the exhibition

Alla Moda: Italian Ceramics of the 1950s-70s Book

Available now to buy. Illustrated with over 380 specially commissioned, full colour photographs, this is the first publication to bring identify and bring together many of the leading factories and designers including Aldo Londi, Bitossi, Bertoncello, Fratelli Fancciulacci, Guido Gambone, Marcello Fantoni, Bagni and the numerous factories on San Marino. A specially written, illustrated introduction puts the ceramics in context and examines the diverse influences behind these highly varied and innovative ceramics. Finally, an extensive illustrated directory of marks and labels helps you to identify your ceramics. The only book of its type, Alla Moda is perfect for those looking for a detailed introduction to the area, or for anyone interested in mid-century design. Buy your copy here.

Alla Moda Archive

Like so many rapidly emerging and developing markets, since the publication of my book above, new information has been found – and continues to be so. Click on the link below to read all blog posts relating to mid-century modern Italian ceramics. Click here to learn more.

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