Antiques Are Green

I don’t ask for much, but I do ask that you support a new website and growing movement promoting the fact that antiques are green.
Furnishing your home with antiques and 20thC design not only allows you to express yourself and build a truly individual look, but it also helps save our environment. Consider the carbon footprint left by a new chest of drawers made from trees cut down in the Far East, transported to a factory, and shipped across the world for sale. When this, or an MDF or chipboard wardrobe, invariably collapses after a few years, it causes yet more environmental issues. Antiques and 20thC design have been ‘green’ for decades – and even centuries. Furthermore, you’re not wasting your money – most high street or retail park pieces are worthless after a few years whereas, by comparison, antiques and 20thC design typically hold a firm residual value. Recycling by shopping at an auction, dealer, or fair, is wiser, more rewarding, and truly environmentally friendly.
So please visit the Antiques Are Green website as quickly as your fingers will type and sign up to show your support.

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