Antiques In Sunny Cambridge

The fabulous sun this weekend meant that it was clearly too warm and welcoming to spend any time indoors. Sitting under a willow by a river seemed like a good (and cool) idea, so off we went to Cambridge to sit alongside the Isis in the picturesque college environs. On the way into town from the station, I stumbled across two rather good little antiques centres on Gwydir Road, off Mill Road. It would have been churlish not to pop in, just for a few minutes…
The Hive Antiques, run by the friendly and enthusiastic Patty, was my first stop. Although it seems small, it’s packed with such an enormous variety , you’re sure to find something interesting. Everything from antique rugs, ceramics, glass, flatware and lighting can be found, with a dash of furniture at the back for good measure. I found their selection of 17th-19thC carved wood panels, many of an ecclesiastical nature, particularly fascinating. Prices ranged from around £40 upwards, with the best costing a couple of hundred. I opted to buy a small early 20thC Murano glass finger bowl. Although not something I would usually buy, the diagonal optic ribbing, delicately applied copper aventurine rim, moulded cherub head prunts, and classic green colour attracted me. As did the price – a bargainous £10.
Literally next door you’ll find the slightly larger Cambridge Antiques Centre, with the extra space allowing for more furniture to accompany a super selection of ceramics, glass, and pictures. There were also a couple more ‘retro’ pieces here, as well as some amusing 1970s Pendelfin figurines with their original card boxes! But if you want even more retro, pop across the railway bridge and visit the cluster of dealers behind the old chemist shop (now an antique shop) opposite Tesco. Hidden down a small alley, you’ll find about half a dozen ‘lock-ups’ from where dealers sell retro and antique furniture and decorative accessories, crafts, and more. Ray has just started in the area and had a couple of rather cool 1950s pieces, as well as a rather nice Riihimaki angular green vase designed by Tamara Aladin in 1967. The furniture is still there, but I’m afraid the vase came with me for £9….

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  1. Mark Hill says:

    Hi Howmuch,
    Thanks for the reply – it’s the Tesco on Mill Road. If you click on the Gwydir Road link to the Google map in the entry, and follow that road diagonally down to the right, it’s there – just over the railway bridge.

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