Avengers’ Style

My sharp-eyed friends Marc & Maiken at the excellent Utopia2000 in Germany are currently selling an opaque white large Holmegaard or Kastrup ‘Gulvvase’ designed by Otto Brauer in 1962.
In another instance of seeing great vintage design on the small screen, they spotted an identical piece in Emma Peel’s fashionable 1960s house in the first series of ‘The Avengers’. The pictures here show the indomitable John Steed, with the bottle in the background, and Emma peering in wearing what looks like to be a fab psychedelic dress!
The Gulvvase is an iconic 1960s glass design, with prices ranging from £30 to over £250 depending on colour and size. The most desirable are opaque, and colours include white, light blue, red, green, and yellow. It was also produced in different transparent colours – but watch out for 1970s reproductions retailed by Cascade in the UK.
These less desirable and valuable reproductions can be distinguished by their colours – kingfisher blue, colourless, pewter grey and smokey topaz – which are quite different to the originals.

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