Blackpool Rocks!

With nary a week in between, I have just got back from a trip up north to do the Antiques Roadshow in the sunny seaside resort of Blackpool. I arrived on Thursday afternoon to a tranquil town, and took a constitutional walk along the beach to the location – the legendary Blackpool Ballroom underneath the world-famous Victorian Blackpool Tower. Parked outside was the Antiques Roadshow lorry, and all around I saw posters advertising the event, which seems to take place in the town every five years or so, the last event having been in the Winter Gardens.
And the advertising certainly did the trick, thousands turned up on Friday to have all manner of objects valued and considered by the team of specialists. As ever, the reception was warm and friendly and the items seen varied, and sometimes valuable. Everyone got to see an expert and get home in time for tea. The image below shows the grandeur of the ballroom just before the doors were opened. I enjoyed myself immensely as ever and, as for what was seen, you’ll have to tune in in Autumn to find out! And don’t forget to watch right to end for a rather charming finale!
After I had levered myself out of my room on Saturday, I decided to enjoy the town a little before heading off to nearby Chorley to visit some friends from university. On my way to lunch, I spotted a small (and I mean small) antiques and collectables fair, comprised of some ten tables in a building on a corner of the grand Winter Gardens. What a treasure trove I found inside. A superb selection of glass and ceramics was soon safely packed away, including a lovely pair of Ronald Stennett-Willson for Wedgwood amber Sheringham candleholders with three discs at what I think was a great price. Then back to the ballroom to enjoy a restorative coffee while watching experienced dancers young and old sway to the sound of the Wurlitzer, before heading off on what must be one of the warmest Spring evenings so far.

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