Build Your West German Ceramics Library…

Firstly, happy new year to one and all. The first new news of the year is that, at last, Dr Horst Makus’ landmark publication ‘Keramik der 50er Jahre’ (Ceramics of the 1950s) has been re-released. It was last published in 1998 and has become increasingly impossible to find over the last 9 years. My gap-filling copy has just come through from my local book shop, and I would certainly recommend getting hold of one yourselves. It is nothing less than excellent, thoroughly comprehensive and unbelievably good value at $75 or £45. You can find it at the publisher’s website Do bear in mind that the text is in German, however – but it is still without doubt a ‘must-have’.
On that note, if you don’t know about it already, also check out the wonderful book on 1960s-70s West German Ceramics published in the middle of last year by prolific collector and expert M.P. Thomas, in Germany. It is in German again, but still well worth having. After all, a picture speak a thousand words! It also includes a large section on the influential German studio potter Schaffenacker, which is unique in its scope to my knowledge. You can find a link to the author’s website by clicking here

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