Chasing sheep is best left to the shepherds

No, I haven’t lost my mind, it’s the title of what is perhaps my favourite piece of music by avant garde contemporary classical composer Michael Nyman. I’ve been listening to Nyman’s music since I was 16, when my school friend Simon and I first encountered his work. Thinking back, we must have been odd kids, I guess, when most of our peers were listening to The Cure.
I was lucky enough to not only hear this piece of music conducted and played by the man himself, along with his really rather excellent Michal Nyman Band, but also to meet him in person. Much to my surprise, unlike many ‘artists’, he doesn’t shy away from the public or his fans. I was amazed to see him circulating and mingling with the audience both before and after the performance, and during the break.
Call me a sad groupie, but the chance was simply too good to miss. I rushed over with my programme, mumbled words of apology and admiration, and he very kindly signed it for me in a truly flamboyant manner that reflects much of his music. I really can’t recommend seeing this guy play live enough – his music is a feast for the ears and mind on CD, but a million times better when filling an auditorium live. Check out his website at It may be the first concert I have actually managed to attend but, after tonight, it certainly won’t be the last.

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