Fantastic new must-have book

I’ve just got back from the wonderful National Glass Fair, held at the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. Apart from meeting many friends and colleagues, the highlight of the day was buying a copy of Charles Hajdamach’s new book ’20th Century British Glass’. If you love glass, go out and buy a copy – now!
This weighty tome, some three decades in the making, is an undoubted masterwork. Chapters cover tableware from Deco to Modern, cut and engraved glass from Stourbridge, the vibrant studio glass movement that began in the 1960s, ‘modern designer greats’ such as Ronald Stennett-Willson, Frank Thrower, Keith Murray, and much, much more. The coverage is breathtaking, and the detail awe-inspiring. Pieces by every factory or designer covered are illustrated with full colour, specially shot photographs, accompanied in many cases by original catalogue pages or photographs. A treu treasure trove of information.
As I leafed through it whilst talking to Charles, my feelings were mixed. I felt envy, admiration and wonder. This is a book to be picked up and read again and again – there’ll always be something new to learn. There’s no doubt that this will become the essential standard reference work for 20th century British glass for decades to come.

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