Fat Lava Exhibition

As you will have seen from other parts of my website, the Fat Lava Exhibition was opened at the King’s Lynn Art Centre in Norfolk, England on July 15th. Since its launch unprecedented numbers of visitors have attended, each emitting a shocked gasp as they enter the vibrant ceramic filled gallery. Okay, I may be biased – but I really can’t recommend this exhibition enough. If you’re into this type of thing, not only is it the first time that these ceramics from this period have EVER been exhibited in public before, but with over 580 examples on display there truly is something for everyone. Just make sure you get there before August 12th, when it closes. If you don’t believe me, then check out the photograph below, and the others here.
The reason for today’s visit?
An interview for BBC radio, who wanted to cover it for a breakfast time show tomorrow morning. I always find that the success of these sorts of things depend so much on the questions that are asked. Thankfully, this time the interviewer was both experienced and good fun, as well as being completely bowled over by the display. The BBC aren’t the only members of the global media interested – someone from SKY TV attended the launch and interviewed me, the owner of the collection and the manager of the centre. Fat Lava goes global? Sure does!

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