Fat Lava II is here

It’s finally here! The second, revised and expanded edition of Fat Lava has finally arrived! After a couple of glitches, a long lorry drew up outside today to deliver a palette of boxes. The moment it did this, the clouds opened and the rain poured down. With no trolley, each and every box had to unloaded by hand – thankfully the delivery driver was patient! On the other hand, he had his warm and dry cab, while I soaked myself to the bone.
Come an’ get ’em! If you’d like copy, visit our shop to place your order and pay now. The first edition sold out in just over 18 months, so don’t miss out!
I’m now all set for the opening of the second Fat Lava exhibition at Mid20C in Reading, Berkshire, on Saturday, and the month of online events that follow it. For more information, check out www.fat-lava.org.
I hope to see you there!

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