Fat Lava – SOLD OUT!

You can’t have any more. They’re all gone! My very first publication, produced in association with the Graham Cooley Collection, has completely sold out. I’ve even sold the ‘seconds’ due to a rash of desperate requests over the past few weeks. The reason for this? Fat Lava has gone volcanic! It has appeared in all manner of magazines recently, including the latest edition of Elle Decoration that plopped onto my doormat this morning. Not only that, but an exhibition of Scheurich ceramics is opening in Germany (yes, the country that until recently hated them!), and a major exhibition in Canada is slated for sometime in 2009.
If you didn’t manage to lay your hands on a copy, the good news is that I will be reprinting due to continued demand. Not only that, but my consultants and I will be revising and updating all the information contained in the original, and also introducing new photographs. The launch of the second edition will be held in association with an exciting new event that Dr Cooley, Petra and Patrick Folkersma of Outernational, Al Baynham of mid20c and I are planning right now. Scheduled to be held in late Summer next year, watch this space to find out more. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Martin Rosam and I filming for the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow with selected objects from his fantastic collection.

2 thoughts on “Fat Lava – SOLD OUT!

  1. Rondellhunden says:

    Hi Mark!

    I live in Sweden and I am collecting W Germany vases, I just love all kinds. When is your book reprinted and how can I get a copy.

    Do you anything about other exhibitons? Cinna from Stockholm

  2. Mark Hill says:

    Hi Cinna,
    Thanks for your message – it;s great to hear that Fat Lava is appreciated in Scandinavia too, especially as you have such beautiful pottery yourselves from the likes of Rorstrand, Arabia, Palshus and others. As my entry reads, we’re planning another exhibition which is scheduled for early Summer next year at a location just outside London, England. The next edition of my bookalogue will be launched then.
    Watch my website for more information!
    All the best,

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