Grand Designs Awards Dinner

I’ve just got back from Grand Designs Live at the Excel centre, where I was signing Cracking Antiques books with Kathryn this afternoon. Kathryn had given a seminar on incorporating retro furniture in interior design, together with eco-designer Oliver Heath and Wayne Hemingway, the design connoisseur and founder of ‘Red Or Dead’. We were also lucky enough to be invited to the very grand dinner and awards ceremony in the evening, and this picture of Oliver, Kathryn and I was taken as we were going in. As ever, I look a little crazed whilst everyone else looks perfectly charming. You can see more of the other invitees here. As well as a delicious dinner prepared by Leiths, speeches from Kevin McCloud and others, I had a lovely chat with the lovely Linda Barker and her husband, who were sitting on one side of me. Lively and amusing conversation flowed easily, and we covered everything from interior design, to retro design, to people we both know in publishing, to travelling in China.

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