It’s not all about antiques…

This morning was spent in a leisurely manner – much needed after yesterday’s mammoth, but highly enjoyable, Antiques Roadshow in St Fagans! Although I’m out of the office, work never ceases to follow me around the country, so a few hours were also spent catching up on Miller’s emails. My long car journey with Judith Miller from London to Cardiff on Wednesday had revealed that we were both enormous Gavin & Stacey fans, so we couldn’t possibly leave the Cardiff area without a visit to the legendary Barry Island! We simply had to see ‘what’s occurin’
The sunny seaside resort was central to the series, so Judith and I made sure we saw every part that featured, from Nessa’s amusement arcade (above) to Marco’s Café, and the arcade where the hilarious and touching series ended. We even indulged in fish and chips under the arcade looking out over the beautiful bay. Well, that was until we got attacked by a flock of hungry seagulls and had to move indoors! I had forgotten quite how big these beasts are at close quarters, and quite how strong their wings can be when they hit you in the face! Many a laugh and quote from Bryn, Gwyn and Nessa later, we zoomed off once again to spend a hugely relaxing and funny evening with dear friends Simon and Lloyd in their fabulous country house outside Bristol.

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