I have written and published extensively on various 20thC British glass designers and factories. From this page, you’ll find links to details about books you can buy, and blog posts and articles you can read. Please click on a picture below to read more about that specific subject. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a link to all my blog posts about a wide range of 19thC & 20thC glass.

‘Caithness Glass: Loch, Heather and Peat’ Book

Founded in 1961, Caithness Glass has become renowned across the world. For over 50 years, it has fulfilled the founders’ original aims of providing employment in rural Scotland and producing high quality glassware in a modern, contemporary style. Illustrated with over 200 specially commissioned full colour photographs, this is the first publication to bring together and examine the Scandinavian inspired designs of the 1960s & 70s, engraved and sandblasted ranges and the highly appealing, often complex, designs produced from the 1980s onwards. A specially written introduction covers the history of the company, puts designs in context, and also looks at the life and work of co-founder and first designer Domhnall ÓBroin. Caithness Glass is one of the last under-appreciated areas of 20thC British glass – and this book reveals the story behind it and helps you to build a collection wisely.


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Whitefriars Fakes

Whitefriars glass is perhaps the most popular collecting area in 20thC British glass, with pieces regularly fetching hundreds of pounds – or more. The most desirable designs are those from Geoffrey Baxter’s legendary ‘Textured’ ranges produced during the late 1960s and mid-1970s. Recently, these high prices have sadly brought with them a raft of fakes, which are often bought and sold as the real thing by those who don’t know. This exclusive fully illustrated article shows you how to identify the fake and the authentic – including details on the hotly sought-after ‘Drunken Bricklayer’ vases as well as ‘Hoop’ and ‘Onion’ vases. Click here to read more

Frank Thrower & Dartington Glass Exhibition

A major retrospective exhibition of Frank Thrower’s legendary designs for Dartington Glass was held in Summer 2006. Consisting of the collection of Dr Graham Cooley, the exhibition opened with a special day of lectures, and a the launch of my ground-breaking book, . See below for pictures of the glass and the event. A professionally filmed documentary of Frank’s life and works was also filmed during the opening weekend. Including interviews with Frank’s children Eve and Kim, Graham Cooley, Charles Hajdamach, Frank’s colleagues and I, it’s essential viewing for the Dartington Glass fan and 20thC glass enthusiast alike. Read more

‘Frank Thrower & Dartington Glass’ Book

Frank Thrower was one of the most prolific and internationally successful British glass designers of the 20th century. From the inception of Dartington Glass in 1967, he provided the creative and marketing drive that contributed to the company’s considerable success. As sole designer for almost 20 years, he provided over 700 innovative and globally popular designs and received several prestigious awards. With over 100 specially commissioned, cull colour photographs including marks and labels, original famiy photographs, reproductions of company catalogues, and a specially written biography this is the esential guide to Frank’s life and designs, and the company’s history. This book was written and compiled together with Eve Thrower, Frank’s eldest daughter. Click here to buy your copy.

Isle of Wight Glass Studio Day

Held annually, the special Studio Days at Isle of Wight Studio Glass are always exciting, informative and fun. Unsurprisingly, they’re also always a ‘full house’ of Isle of Wight Studio glass fans and 20thC glass collectors alike. Amongst other exclusive activities, each year, collectors can watch as Tim Harris unveils and produces his special ‘Collectors’ Piece’, available only to visitors on the day. Read more

Michael Harris Exhibition

Held at Broadfield House Glass Museum, this was the first ever retrospective exhibition of the life and designs of Michael Harris. It featured over 250 specially selected pieces ranging from early pieces made at the Royal College of Art, through to his work for Chance Glass, Mdina Glass, and Isle of Wight Studio Glass. Read more

Mdina Glass Book Launch

This illustrated article covers the launch of my landmark book ‘Michael Harris: Mdina Glass & Isle of Wight Studio Glass’ in 2006. Although the book is now sold out, a new edition is being planned. Read about the launch and see the exclusive foyer exhibition – the first event of its type. Read more

19thC & 20thC British Glass Archive

Journey to the heart of my site and read through my archive of blog posts about a huge range of subjects across 19thC & 20thC British and European glass. Many are related to my books on 20thC glass design but, as my interests are wide, posts may include anything down to the latest addition to my collection. Collecting, especially in new areas of research, is never static. As a result, many of these contain new, confirmed information concerning designers, influences, or makers. This section of my site is updated regularly, so come back. Read more

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