I’ve just been sent this picture from a dear friend who spotted it in, weirdly, Woman’s Weekly. Seeing it instantly brought back floods of happy memories of working at Bonhams on Lot’s Road in Chelsea – my first proper job after university. It also made me giggle a bit, as my first boss Alexander Crum Ewing is shown on the rostrum without his trademark ginger beard! When was this taken?!
I’m lucky enough to be able to say that Alex is still a very good friend of mine, even though he has now left the auction business. He’s taken his formidable skills to a completely different market, and now runs the superb Indian Dining Club in South London. If you want a damn good curry, and I mean a really damn good and authentic curry, then pop in for a visit. With Alex as the genial and convivial host and a fantastic and varied menu, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Memories!

  1. Alexander Crum Ewing says:

    Drat! Another thing to have escaped my collection, and be secured by Mr Hill for his. Taken about 1991-92, during a textile sale, left to right Ed Dixon, a.n.other porter, ACE, Joanna MacFarlane, Nicky Harris (now Mrs Maurice Slevin).

    • sara_fung says:

      The ‘a.n.other porter’ is Caroline Whitehead, she worked on the booking-in bay, supported, I think, Portsmouth, and watched to be a sports journalist. That is all.

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