New BBC2 Show: Antiques Uncovered

I’m delighted and excited to announce that I am co-presenting a new BBC TV series on antiques with Dr Lucy Worsley. Called ‘Antiques Uncovered’, it focuses on the social history, collecting, and creation of antiques, rather than viewing antiques purely as financial commodities. Many of you will know and love Lucy from her numerous history series including ‘If Walls Could Talk‘ for BBC4.
When we look at an antique, many of us don’t look much beyond its surface beauty and appearance, apart from perhaps questioning its value. Some started life as practical objects, whilst others were purely for decoration and an expression of wealth. But whether they’re from a stately home or a ‘two-up two-down’, they unlock a fascinating history of the way we lived – then and now.
Lucy is going to uncover the stories behind some of these remarkable objects and how they relate to our lives today. I’ll be looking at why some items have become priceless, while others will become the collectables of tomorrow.
Along the way we’ll meet the historians and curators who preserve these pieces, the highly skilled craftspeople who still make them, and the passionate people who collect them.
These objects tell a potent tale of a bygone era that still resonates today. Once the preserve of the privileged few, many have evolved over centuries into everyday items, shaping not only our environment, but how we behave and who we aspire to be.

‘Antiques Uncovered’ airs from 8pm-9pm on BBC2 on 2nd, 9th, and 16th May 2012.

For more information, and a ‘sneak peek’ behind the scenes, read the article in the current (May) edition of Homes & Antiques magazine.

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