Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Last week I was called by my friend and colleague on the Antiques Roadshow, Eric Knowles. On a recent trip to France to buy antiques and collectables for hit BBC TV series ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’, he picked up a little something that he thought had my name written all over it. I’ve just met Eric in north London’s bustling Camden Passage antiques market to see what it was. And he was absolutely correct – it was right up my street! We filmed a short slot, bartered a little, then money changed hands and Eric and I went our separate ways happy.
For those not familiar with the series, two leading experts spend £1,000 of their own money buying a variety of antiques and collectables with the aim of selling them on later to make a profit. The expert who makes the most profit wins, with the profit going to charity. In this episode, Eric was up against Jonty Hearndon. To see exactly what fabulous object Eric thought I’d like to add to my collection, and to see whether Eric or Jonty wins, you’ll have to tune in to the new series to be screened later this year. In the meantime, here are Eric and I clinching the deal!

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