The amazing space-saving KlokHeta!

Talking to members of our lovely audience after Judith and my talk and valuation evening with the Torbay Bookshop, one couple told me about a treasure of theirs called the KlokHeta. Having had to admit that I had never heard of it, I asked if they could send me a photograph. And I’m so glad I did – what a wonderful thing! The shape and colours are quintessentially Art Deco, with their strong geometric angles, stepped motifs and dramatically contrasting black and red typical of the Jazz Age. It’s also interesting from a social point of view. With small room sizes in new unheated apartments, space was at a premium. This marvellous creation combined a clock with a heater in a recognisable ‘grandfather clock’ body and, most importantly, took up a minimum of floor space.
I wouldn’t like to use the heating part in a home with children, but for me it’s the visual appearance that has the most appeal. It’d look stunning in an Art Deco or even a modern themed room. I’d easily see this fetching around £150-200, but a posh city-centre Art Deco specialist may charge up to twice that amount. Googling the KlokHeta revealed that it featured in an exhibition from late 2003-2004 at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture. Click here to read the full review of the exhibition.

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