They’re still out there….

….bargains, I mean. Too often do I hear the moan that ‘There’s no point looking, everything that can be found has been found…’ Not true! Last month my glass collector friend Bob discovered this gem in his local charity shop in South London. Designed by Frank Thrower in 1967, and numbered ‘FT23′, it was part of the first range offered by the now world-famous Dartington Glass. Produced in the company’s characteristic early Kingfisher’ blue, Flame red, Midnight grey, and colourless glass, it was expensive at the time and did not sell well. Compared to smaller Dartington, few were sold before it was withdrawn in 1970. Examples are rare today, particularly in colours. I think it would cost from £200-300 from a specialist dealer – so the couple of pounds hawk-eyed Bob paid could really pay off!

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