Antiques Roadshow at the British Museum

The Antiques Roadshow was filmed at the British Museum yesterday – just around the corner from our office at Miller’s Towers. Although neither Judith Miller nor I were scheduled to attend that particular Roadshow, our colleague Katy had always wanted to see what goes on during a typical day, and how they were filmed. So Judith and I took her along to meet some of our friends and colleagues, such as Will Farmer of the excellent Fielding’s Auctioneers, seen here.
Lovely as it was to see everyone after the Summer break, it did feel a little surreal wandering around leisurely, as I’m used to actually working at Roadshows! As ever, some marvellous treasures were unearthed, and fascinating stories told. Tune in for the new series, which airs on Sunday evenings from October to find out more. Apparently there’s a smart new opening sequence too!

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