Covelli Tennant at Liberty’s

It’s lovely to see that the revived antiques department at historic London department store Liberty is still going strong. The atmospheric top floor is an idyllic place to spend an hour browsing, as I did today during my lunch break.
Founded in 1875, the company has always maintained a very strong link with the decorative arts and design – particularly the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau movements. As well as helping the young William Moorcroft to found his own company, the company also worked with leading designers Archibald Knox, Charles Voysey and Ernest Gimson. You can read an article by Judith Miller about the company and its achievements by clicking here.
Despite being closed down for a short period due to an apparent lack of interest from customers, the refreshed department is looking better than ever and has a superb display of Arts & Crafts pieces, including their much sought-after antique silver or pewter Cymric and Tudric wares.
But it’s not all antique, as the company remains true to its origins and still stands at the forefront of today’s decorative arts and style. With revived and re-imagined antique and vintage pieces being the height of fashion right now, I love this Victorian sofa lovingly re-upholstered with silver and pink velvet with 19thC silk details. It’s the work of talented design duo Sara Covelli and Janie Tennant of Covelli Tennant, who I first wrote about here. Stunning to look at every piece that they create is unique and of the best quality, mixing old and new in an eclectic, eccentric and truly wonderful way.

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