Antiques Roadshow in Saltaire

The World Heritage Site of Saltaire, founded in 1853 by Titus Salt largely for the benefit of his workers but also his business, provided the perfect backdrop to yesterday’s Antiques Roadshow. Despite the predicted rain, the good folk of Saltaire turned in force, and the queue was already stretching around the block when I arrived with Eric Knowles and John Benjamin at 8.15 in the morning. And it stayed pretty much like that as nearly 3,000 people queued throughout the day to show a specialist their treasures. Spread across the beautiful Victoria Hall, we were all certainly put to work, but that work was made all the more pleasant by the friendliness of those who visited – and the wonderful items we were lucky to see.
As to what I saw, well you’ll have to wait until the show airs to find out! Within minutes of arriving, I was whisked off to make-up to film my first slot with a lovely young lady, shortly after this picture was taken. All I can say is that is something very close to my heart. I had to wait for a few hours before finding my next item, which was the first time I’ve filmed with two different owners at the same time. They both did a grand job, and looked and sounded great. Both had fascinating stories and close connections to our locations, so tune in to hear all about them. Next up: Beverley Minster on the 14th May. See you there…

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