Cracking Shopping Sources No.4

Kathryn and I hope you all tuned in and enjoyed last night’s episode of Cracking Antiques, where we helped Jodie & Adrian from Stockport find Victorian and Edwardian antiques for their living room with their limited budget. So, if previous weeks are anything to go by, you’ll all be wondering where we went! Well, here goes. The sofa was sourced at an amazing warehouse in Bolton, called Salvatore’s Antiques. I wholeheartedly recommend this place as the variety is truly mind-blowing, but please bear in mind that it is primarily a trade focused company. As such, you will need to call before coming and also show some serious interest!
If variety is what you’re looking for, then you can walk straight into the wonderful Bygone Times, near Ecclestone in Lancashire. I was quite upset about having to film here, as this has always been one of my personal ‘secret’ places to shop. Every time I’ve been, I’ve come away with a car boot load of stuff. You’ll find everything from furniture to ceramics, glass, vintage technology retro design, and much, much more — prices are truly affordable, so I challenge you not to find at least one thing that you’d love to add to your home.
And if you need a shot of inspiration between each Wednesday, or want to find out more about how you can bring antiques into your home, buy a copy of our TV tie-in book – click here to buy a copy direct from Octopus Books and save £7.60. That saving could buy you a nice retro or vintage something to start you off…!

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