Fab Forms

Wandering around glass fairs, as is my want, reveals the diversity of the exciting world of contemporary glass. Whilst glassmaking is a costly and time-consuming activity, often making many pieces expensive, there can be a few affordable surprises. One of them is the work of recent glass graduate Sarah Cable. The piece below is typical of her work, which I think is fresh, innovative, colourful – and great fun. Based on memories of housewives leaning over garden fences exchanging a natter in a very Beryl Cook like manner, these striking vases are available in different sizes, colours and patterns. Each piece is individually hand blown in brightly coloured glass, before being cased all-over in dark glass, which is made opaque and iridescent by fuming it with chemicals. Areas in the desired pattern are then masked off, and the remaining areas sandblasted away by hand to reveal the underlying coloured glass. Finally, small, contrastingly coloured ‘petals’ are added to the neck of the vase, like an opening flower. This particular example is made all the more special as the glass is graduated from peach to yellow from the base upwards. Costing under £120, and a visually impressive size, I’m sure you’ll agree that it certainly beats derivative factory-made glass from the likes of Habitat and Ikea! However, I’m not sure about the nattering old ladies, as to me they look some form of pod-like plant or flower from an alien world – an effect that is accentuated when they’re grouped together. Fantastic! I think Ms Cable has a long way to go, so I’d snap one up before her fame (and prices) rise!

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