Please Help Us – Your Support Is Needed!

Calling ALL Czech Glass and Fat Lava fans – your help is needed.
And all it will cost you is a few moments of your time.

Last week we heard the shocking news that the King’s Lynn Arts Centre is being threatened with closure by the local government. But, if you don’t live in King’s Lynn, why should you care? In short, none of us would have been able to enjoy and benefit from either the exhibitions or books for Fat Lava or Hi Sklo Lo Sklo.
Without the incredible support and foresight of Liz Falconbridge and her team, none of these breakthrough events could possibly have occurred. As well as providing an invaluable and irreplaceable venue for the local community from its beautiful buildings, some dating back to the 15thC, the centre has also arguably affected the the world of collecting and the decorative arts globally. If you sell, collect or love Fat Lava or Czech Glass, just think where we would be without the exhibitions or books.
If you do anything today, please sign the online petition by clicking here, and also join the Facebook page. Every single name and vote counts – even yours.
And it costs nothing.

We cannot let this historic and unique centre, which is utterly invaluable on a local and international scale, be closed. Once it is gone, it will be gone forever. Don’t let that happen.

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