Mid-Century Modern & Mad Men

I absolutely love Mad Men, the American TV show about the life and times of Don Draper and his busy New York advertising executive colleagues during the 1960s. Everything about it, from the opening credits to the suits to the room interiors, screams the mid-century modern and Eames-influenced design of the day. And it’s incredibly accurate and detailed too! It seems I’m not the only one who loves the style of the clothing – the unique look of the series even led Brooks Brothers to release a limited edition ‘Don Draper’ suit late last year, and it sold out almost immediately.
High fashion has been forcibly smartening up men over the past few years, and the High Street has been quick to follow. Wives, girlfriends and partners the world over must be delighted! Smart shoes instead sneakers, stylish or statement watches instead of sports watches, and sharply tailored suits instead of t-shirts and jeans, are all in vogue like never before. Not only that, but I think the flawed and masculine Don Draper character has ‘allowed’ a whole raft of straight men to comfortably adopt the style, and even become interested in the mid-century modern furniture and paraphernalia that goes with it. Some high end interior designers have been saying that the popularity of the mid-century modern style is ‘so over‘ – absolute rubbish, I say.
Recently, Worthpoint asked if the series, which first aired in 2007, is the reason for the enormous rise in popularity of the mid-century modern style. Personally, I think this is a bit of a silly question, as the rise of the style clearly predates the airing (and perhaps even the planning) of the series. Seeds of the revival could certainly be seen in the late 1990s. Esteemed auctioneer and specialist David Rago thinks that the popularity of the series has helped, but didn’t kick off, the popularity of the series  – read his response here.

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