Offices closed for Summer holiday break!

That time of the year has come around once again – thankfully. It’s time to close our offices here at Mark Hill Publishing Ltd for what we think is a well-earned (and safe) break – especially after the past few months.
We will be closed from 22nd July to 12th August inclusive, meaning any books or glass orders placed during this period will be dispatched on 13th August. Similarly, any emails sent during between these dates will be answered then too.
I’ve always been a fan of vintage holiday snaps, and love rooting through a box of old photographs to see where and how people holidayed in the past. Starting at literally pence per image, they give a unique insight into our social history. I guess there’s a little bit of historic voyeurism mixed in there somewhere as well!
Last month I came across this great original ‘tourist’ photograph of a late Victorian or early Edwardian family enjoying a visit to the pyramids and sphinx in Egypt – for 10pence! The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice that the Sphinx is still mainly buried – along with the style of the clothing, this helps to date the image as this allegedly mythical beast wasn’t completely uncovered until 1925.
Wherever you’re holidaying this year, be it at home in a Covid-19 safe manner, or abroad, we wish you an enjoyable and relaxing Summer break! For those not travelling, click here to read the top ten Victorian travel destinations, courtesy of The Guardian newspaper.

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