Sumptuous Inspiration From Decorative Collective

At the recent Battersea Decorative & Antiques Fair, The Decorative Collective, a group of like-minded and talented dealers launched ‘Interiors Inspired By...’, an exciting new book. As you’d expect, the book is lavishly illustrated with eye-wateringly beautiful shots of interiors containing and inspired by antiques supplied by member of the collective. But it’s a little more than interior porn, as each dealer gives insights into their background, motivation, and the key elements of their individual style. Many of my favourites are included, including Alex MacArthur, Nick Mellors, Jess Graham, Patrick MacIntosh, Fontaine Margate, and my Roadshow colleagues Marc Allum and Lisa Lloyd of Hand of Glory. There are also charmingly written pages examining themes such as ‘Country House Inspiration’, ‘The Outdoor Room’, ‘Mid-Century Modern’, and ‘Decorative Antique Dealing – A Way of Life’.
This beautifully printed, chunky hardback book is a must-have for anyone interested in how antiques work in the home and become meaningful parts of your daily life. After all, your home is meant to reflect your life and loves, not the contents of a catalogue from a Swedish retailer! Even if you’re hooked already, this book will undoubtedly inspire you even more.
‘Interiors Inspired By…Decorative Collective’ costs £2.95 plus postage and packing and is can be bought by clicking here.

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