The Art Deco Klokheta – An Update

In June this year, I wrote about the KlokHeta after a couple told me about their example of this weird and wonderful space-saving Deco device. For those of you who don’t know what it is, you can read the post by clicking here. One of the marvellous things about the internet is the amount of people that can potentially see a blog post. One of the many who read it was Francis Naylor, who works for Schneider Electric. He told me that Schneider bought a company called Yorkshire Switchgear in the 1990s, and that they were the original manufacturer of the KlokHeta. One of his colleagues even remembers repairing the heating element of an example that sat in a Director’s office!
But the most amazing part of his email was the attachment — an original 1930s catalogue! You can see the cover, with its evocative period image above. Francis very kindly offered to email me a scan of the catalogue, which shows an illustration of the piece, lists the finishes available, and contains a wonderful description of this ‘fascinatingly novel‘  design that offers ‘luxurious comfort combined with perfect time-keeping‘. I accepted gratefully, of course!
I won’t say any more, as you can download a copy for your personal perusal and enjoyment by clicking on the link below, and clicking on the orange link text on the next page. Thank you very much, Francis.

Klokheta Catalogue

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