The Cracking Antiques look spreads…

Leafing through this morning’s Metro newspaper, I spotted this advertisement for HSBC mortgages. I smiled as the quirky and appealing arrangement of antique pieces, including frames, mirrors, furniture, and glass decanters, is exactly the sort of look that we love on Cracking Antiques. It’s interesting to see how the look is really moving into the mainstream, as people move away from the yawn-fully repetitive ‘minimalist’ look promoted by high street chains and out-of-town retail giants. Quality and individuality over chipboard! If you want to learn more about this revolution, which is clearly happening, why not invest in a copy of the accompanying book, which you can buy direct by clicking here – saving £7.60.
And, of course, I don’t need to remind you to tune in to BBC Two tonight at 8.30pm to see the next episode…!

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