They’re here….

…but with no fuzzy TV screens in sight. I am, of course, referring to Kevin Graham’s long-awaited magnum opus (or 0pi) on postwar West German Ceramics. With nearly a decade of research behind him, my good friend Kevin will finally be publishing two books on 1st July. The first is ‘From Spritzdekor to Fat Lava’, which comprises of 262 A4 pages containing 568 colour photographs and 282 photographed makers’ marks. A staggering 108 companies are featured, along with designers, decor names, and dates. This volume alone is a real ‘must’ for any serious collector or dealer.
The second is a companion volume, ‘West & East German Makers – Marks & Form Numbers’. Ever wondered what those weird numbers and marks on the bottom of your vase mean? Well, they’re the main key to identification (supported by the form and glaze), and this is the book that will help you unlock the door. The book’s 174 pages list the shape numbers of over 200 companies – comprising literally thousands and thousands of numbers, together with designers, the dates or period of manufacture, and much more to help you identify your German Pottery.
Kevin himself describes this as being “probably the most up to date form and numbers index available for West & East German Pottery” — I’d go a step further and say the ONLY! They say that all good things come to those who wait. We’ve certainly waited, but having inspected the advances I can see why – the work that has gone into these books is incredible. I just know you won’t be disappointed – this really is one that is well worth the Kevin at to order your copy, or click here to visit the FREE Fat Lava Forum.

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