Fashion Designer & Pop Stars Love Unloved ‘Brown Furniture’

HarryStylesAntiquesIn these days of ‘celebrity worship’, it’s always significant when one of them shows their love for antiques. Where they go, a great many follow. When Harry Styles from One Direction (right) was spotted at an antiques fair last year  buying “a van load” of antique furniture for his new flat, it caused a new sensation to ripple through his many millions of followers, many of whom are dedicated followers of all things vintage already. And he’s not the only one, as country music singer Taylor Swift is apparently a a fan of antiques and vintage too. So much of a fan that it was apparently one of the reasons why antiques-loving Styles split from her! Antiques cited in global superstar singers’ relationship problems.
Who’d have thunk it?
But getting back on track, these are important as they show that antiques are still loved by many, including young pop sensations. Regardless of what you may think of them or their work, they are influential to many millions of people and it shows they have the intelligence and good taste to buy them.
AnyaHindmarch2It’s even more important when a serious style and design guru does the same. I was delighted to read last week that top fashion designer Anya Hindmarch is the latest to reveal her love for the uniqueness of antiques. Hindmarch is famous across the world for her luxury handbag designs, but her best-known bag is perhaps the eco-friendly ‘I am not a plastic bag’ bag of 2007. Hindmarch has just opened her American flagship store on  Madison Avenue in New York and has filled it with Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian furniture — including a unique ‘mash-up’ wall with furniture piled high (above, and cut out, below). Doesn’t it look quirky and fantastic? About her choice, Hindmarch said:

“Brown furniture” as decorators derisively refer to it, is ripe for reconsideration: the best of the old stuff is beautifully made and shockingly well priced. While working with Ilse Crawford on our new Madison Avenue store, we came up with the concept of a ‘mash up’ of Georgian furniture to display our bespoke lines. Handmade and old-school like my made-to-order leather goods, it made me wonder if ‘proper’ antique furniture could once again become fashionable?”

Well said Anya! And you, dear reader, and I certainly know the answer to her question. Of course it’ll become fashionable once again. And thanks to her, and the likes of Styles and Swift, that return will be even faster. My only tip? Prices have never been so affordable, so buy now while you can as you’ll only regret not doing so later.


Photo of Harry Styles at Kempton Antiques Fair courtesy of Antiques Are Green.
Photo of Anya Hindmarch’s flagship New York store courtesy of, and photograph of the cut-out ‘mash-up’ courtesy of The New York Times.

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